Transfer a CTF

Reasons to transfer your child’s Child Trust Fund to us

As the only company that specialises in savings for children, we’re well placed to help you take care of your child’s financial future.

What’s more:

  • Transferring your child’s Child Trust Fund to us is quick and easy
  • There’s no charge for making the transfer

What do I need to do to transfer my child’s Child Trust Fund account to The Children’s Mutual?

All you need to do is:

  • Download the documents for the Child Trust Fund account you’d like to transfer to below.

These include important information about the Child Trust Fund account, including the Customer Agreement, Key Features, Key Investor Information Document, and Terms & Conditions, so please make sure you’ve read and kept copies (either printed off or saved onto your hard drive).

  • Print out and complete the Transfer form below. Post it to us at the address at the top of the form. No stamp is required.

Please remember that the person who completes the Transfer form must be the Registered Contact on the current CTF account.

Important Information

  • Please read the Key Features  before transferring.
  • If you are transferring from a Cash Junior ISA, you should note that there will now be some risk to your capital.
  • The information we provide does not constitute advice. We do not give advice on transfers, so if you are in any doubt, please seek financial advice.

Baby Bond CTF

Baby Bond Child Trust Fund is our stakeholder CTF account.

Transfer to Baby Bond Child Trust Fund (193.1 KB)

Key Features - Baby Bond (409.1 KB)

Aberdeen Foundation Growth Fund (111.5 KB)

Shariah Baby Bond CTF

Shariah Baby Bond is designed to meet the needs of Muslim parents and children living in the UK.

Transfer To Shariah Baby Bond Child Trust Fund (192.9 KB)

Key Features - Shariah Baby Bond (450.2 KB)

Aberdeen Islamic Global Equity Fund (111.4 KB)

We’ll take care of everything for you – including contacting your child’s current Child Trust Fund provider – and we’ll send you a confirmation letter when your child’s CTF account has been transferred to us.

If you need a Transfer Form sent to you or have any queries then please contact us.